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  • Networking: try to find people who experienced Erasmus or other Mobility Experience in the same City or University as yours
  • Mobile talents: find someone with same skills, who dream of flying to work in the same city as yours
  • Partners or co-workers: search for someone in a specific location (you are interested in) who has a specific skill
  • Translators: search for someone who speaks a language as mother tongue, near you or in a location
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Welcome to Check-in Europe, the professional network of the Erasmus Generation!

This platform has been ideated and created by the garagErasmus Foundation to reunite and empower the Erasmus Generation connecting with job and business opportunities across Europe and in the World.

Our journey started the 5th November 2013 reading, at the European Parliament in Brussels, our Appeal to the Erasmus Generation: 


We are the Erasmus Generation, and we speak for a new Europe. Our vision is of a growing and united Europe, forged by the fall of the Berlin wall, the end of the east-west divide, and the explosion of connections in every direction. We are the Internet generation. We are products and protagonists of the struggle for a European society where values and policies unite while borders fade.

The Erasmus Generation has learned how to live in a land without borders. We have been educated to appreciate differences, and we are thrilled by the speed of integration and the potential of a united and inclusive European society. We no longer fear that we may lose our identity or national traditions; we know that our polity is strengthened because we are different from one another. Our land stretches from the Mediterranean to the North Sea. It can become a golden bridge between west and east, north and south. Europe can be all of this, and we know it.

Erasmus has shaped our lives. Europe has given us a unique experience and forged our resolve. Now it is our turn to raise our hands, recognise each other, and say Europe can, must, become the united, inclusive society we envisage. We see that this will not happen by itself. We hear too much about finances and see too much bureaucracy. Where is solidarity, innovation, creativity and political courage? If Europe is stagnating, its crisis is not so much economic as cultural. New technologies can now support us in moving faster towards a cultural change. We have tools that our parents did not have, we have been moulded by their vision and we have learned to be European citizens. The Erasmus Generation puts its strength and will to the task of achieving an integrated society able to produce novel ideas and ensure sustainable development in a world that is getting closer every day.

Today, from the European Parliament, we call on all those who have had an Erasmus or similar experience to raise their hands, declare their adhesion, and work together with us toward this goal. We are a force for change and it is now our turn, our opportunity and our responsibility.

For our parents, for ourselves, for our fellow citizens, for our children.

We are the Other Side of Europe

Check-in Europe’s purpose is helping users to fly to work, wherever, in their dream city. Companies, recruiters and investors are always looking for mobile talents: people ready to go and who have the authentic entrepreneurial spirit of the Erasmus Generation.

Create your profile and keep it updated with your skills, experiences and professional expectations. We are implementing more and more new features and promoting this platform to companies, universities and cities around the world. Being part of ESAA and having the support of all European Institutions will permit to invite new and old Erasmus Alumni, reaching a potential community of over 7 million people in 2020.

We aim at creating the biggest community of mobile talents in the world.



Tags are at the core of Check-in Europe. Tag yourself to get you findable by the right people such as: people as you or people who are exactly looking for you (companies, recruiters, etc).

The more accurate is tagging the more precise and relevant will be your picture to everybody.

Vice versa, use tags to search people or organizations. You maybe find people sharing something with you for networking or find organizations offering an opportunity based on the skill or expertise you have.

Tags are dynamic and infinite: there is no limit to add tags, follow your growth and change and you should update them once per month at least.

There is only a limitation: truth. Do not lie, you can damage first of all your reputation and the one of the entire community!

In your profile you have the résumé of the information you put during the registration process. You can edit and update everything, from the uploading of your image to the connection to your social accounts and also adding your CV and new tags: more tags you add, more complete your profile will be and finding you in the network will be easier!

If you connect your social accounts (Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter), the link to these will be available in your profile with your email address. We consider to create in the future a messaging system to protect the privacy of our users, but at this moment we are confident that all the community members will not overdo. In case of abuse, please, do not hesitate to contact us. 

We will update this is part more often in the next weeks. Now you can publish ideas, what you are looking for or offering, whatever you want. The most important thing, as everything in Check-in Europe, is well tagging your post in order to get it visible to the right people.

In fact, in the Recommended Posts tab you can only read the posts with tags or location present in your profile. Viceversa, your posts will be placed in the Recommended Posts tabs of users who have one of the tags you put in.

We will upgrade in future this part with new features to facilitate the social networking among users and the job matching and applications.

We need you! Especially in the first period of life of the community, your feedbacks, bugs alerts and suggestions are really important to us. We invite you to not to be shy: write your idea, notify  a bug or whatever. We will care about it and all community members will be grateful.